Dan Wolpow

All-Around Creative

Director/Producer of Cutting-Edge Interactive Media. Creator of several original musicals. Masters candidate at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.



Interactive Entertainment

Creative Director/Producer

PROJECT NEVERLAND - Presented by Team TheatAR

Project Neverland is an exploration project focusing on the use of augmented reality in live performance. In collaboration with the CMU School of Drama, the team is adapting an...


Prism—Evoking Empathy for Autism

Prism is a technological solution to an important problem society faces today—helping neurotypical people to empathize with those on the autism spectrum.

Producer, Writer, Sound Designer, and Performer

The Extraction (Mixed Reality Experience)


The Extraction (Script)

Script for Interactive Narrative Experience

Sound Designer

Maestro (VR Experience)

Sound Designer, Composer/Lyricist

Slime Lord (ARKit Game)

Producer, Writer, Sound Designer, and Performer

Hero of the Skies (Immersive CAVE Experience)


Spiegel & Wolpow Collaborations

Sizzle Reel

Short film made in 72 hours at Carnegie Mellon University

I Love Cake


Jolly Gay Bath


Evil Barbershop Quartet



Prism, a Game to Promote Autism Acceptance Among Elementary School Students

Prism was developed to help neurotypical children aged 8 to 10 empathize with their peers who have autism. It is a digital game for the children to play, paired with a...


New York Musical Theater Festival Report: 'Cloned!'

"Avenue Q" has Gary Coleman. "Cloned!" has Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone circa 1993, that is. Stepping out of her bathtub in a white dress and a tool belt, she comes to the rescue,...